OEM Brands

Subaru Industrial Power Products

Subaru Industrial Engines, sold worldwide, are manufactured by Fuji Heavy Industries in North America and Japan. The fourth largest engine manufacturer in the world, Subaru’s annual engine production exceeds 1 million engines. With more than 40 years of superior operation and quality, the commercial grade engines have earned an international reputation for top-notch performance, unbeatable reliability and excellent value.

Kawasaki Engines (4 stroke)

For over 40 years, Kawasaki has engineered high-performance engines for virtually every power-hungry category. From motorcycles to jet aircraft, heavy construction to landscaping, Kawasaki has always provided the muscle to get things done.

Lawncare Professionals put their engines through the toughest of tests, and Kawasaki Engines have proven they’re up to the challenge; they’re the critical component of the best mowers out there. What you may not realize is that you too can be mowing the same engine that has made Kawasaki the preferred brand of the Pros. Find out for yourself how a Kawasaki Engine saves you time and keeps more money in your pocket.

Peerless Transmissions

Peerless offers a broad selection of transmission solutions to the outdoor power equipment market. You can find the Peerless brand driving a number of OEM products ranging from lawn and garden tractors to zero turn mowers to power spreaders. You can find these transmissions on global brands like Husqvarna, Toro, Troy-Bilt, Cub Cadet, Walker Manufacturing, Ariens, Scag, Snapper, and others.